Makeup Artist
Shadara Holmes


As a makeup artist, Shadara Holmes has mastered the perfect  beauty application and image and made a name for herself as one of the most creative in our makeup industry. Shadara continues to creatively combine art and fashion as she pushes the beauty industry forward in both her artistry and fashion.

Shadara’s career hit the ground running while working at Sephora, where she discovered her true passions.  She always aligned the trajectory towards artistry and fashion. From fair to deep complexions, Shadara always aimed to touch all faces equally.

Shadara’s artistic expertise and drive enabled opportunities to work on the faces for numerous red carpets, weddings, and editorials.  She also have traveled and had multiple consulting initiatives for both prestige and beauty brands globally.

Currently Shadara spends her time thinking of new ways to articulate beauty and fashion in new ways.

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